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Zerona Laser on Dr. Oz

Dr. Oz featured the Zerona laser on his show. He was quoted saying that it's "A Miracle Procedure to Take Fat Off Your Waist."

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How does the Zerona Method compare to other weight loss methods?

Experiencing excess fat in the body can affect one’s whole way of life, decreasing confidence and hampering your social life. There is now an alternative to liposuction that is far safer, less scary, and less expensive that is sweeping the nation. And, it has no side effects or down time! And, it's important to note that our Doctor was personally trained by the medical director of Erchonia, the manufacturer of Zerona.

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What kind of weight loss results do we see in our office? Find Out!

Until now there has not been a proven non-invasive procedure to effectively shape the body by removing excess fat…Completion of the Zerona laser protocol (2-8 week) clinical trials resulted in an average of 3.5 inches lost; with some patients losing as much as 9 inches. Results in our office average 4-8 inches with several in the 9-12 inch zone. This equates to
1 inch per session (+ or - a half inch).
*Results may vary.

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